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Our research goal is to develop a cost-effective "green technology" that both captures and recycles mercury from cremation emissions.

Protecting our water, helping our nation

Death and cremation rates in the US are increasing as the population ages. Mercury emissions from crematoria will continue to contribute to mercury levels in lakes and waterways. Crematoria owners and the families they serve need a practical and cost-effective solution to capture and recycle mercury from crematoria emissions. By developing environmentally responsible methods for capturing and recycling mercury from cremation emissions we can help preserve and protect our national resources and also serve crematoria operators and the public by maintaining cremation as the low cost option for final disposition.

Mercury emissions from cremations - an ongoing Minnesota discussion

On November 17, 2016, the University of Minnesota Dental Mercury Research team hosted about 40 scientists, environmental regulators, industry representatives and legislators to provide updates on sustainable dental mercury reduction related to cremation. Read more.

Dr. Myers on Funeral Radio

Dr. Sandra Myers recently joined Gail Rubin of Funeral Radio to talk about cremation and mercury emissions. The podcast is available here.

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